Follow is YOUR local TV - our brand new channel dedicated to films made for Somerset by Somerset people.  On YOU are the story – so here’s your chance to get involved!

Founded in 2012, is run by volunteers from in and around the county supported by the team at Somerset Film’s Engine Room.  Why not dust off the video camera (or just use your phone) to film your story for free upload to the channel?  Get in touch with the Engine Room if you would like support to help you take your filmmaking to the next level.

Powered by the network, offers tv on demand as well as a selection of programmes, news and features to keep you in touch with what’s going on.

The service is fully interactive – free to view and free to upload.  You can view what’s on at any time and then register to upload your own film.  Once registered you can also comment on what you see, rate each film and share them on the most popular social networks.  The channel also provides a great opportunity to network and collaborate creatively.  Help others on their projects and in turn recruit helpers for your own project!

 We hope you enjoy the films and look forward to hearing from YOU with your comments and suggestions. Please tell us of any upcoming stories you would like to see on or simply join us by becoming a contributor. 

Get in touch! 



Anyone and everyone can upload videos to The only thing you need to do is to register through our login page.

Once registered, a new tab called "add video" appears allowing you to upload your videos from your computer and even embed videos from other sites like youtube or vimeo.

Once uploaded your video will not be visible immediately, it will be checked by our editor just to make sure that it's not offensive, libellous or in poor taste.